West Cocalico Township sign zonepic

West Cocalico Township sign.

When: West Cocalico supervisors reorganization and regular meeting, Jan. 2.

What happened: Township supervisors reappointed J.J. Stoner as chair and Leon Eby as vice chair.

More: The board also appointed Josele Cleary of Morgan, Hallgren, Croswell and Kane as township solicitor; Melvin Newcomer of Kluxen, Newcomer and Dreisbach as zoning board solicitor; Jim Caldwell of Rettew Associates as township engineer; Len Spencer of Spencer SEO Services LLC as primary sewage enforcement officer; Yvonne Sallade of Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc. as zoning officer; and Associated Building Inspections, Commonwealth Code Inspection Service Inc. and Technicon Enterprises Inc. II as building code officials.

Public safety: Supervisors appointed Dennis Schmeck as emergency management coordinator; Gerald Weinhold as captain of Shoeneck Fire Police; and Dwight Walters as captain of Reinholds Fire Police.

Boards and commissions: Arlin Hurst was appointed to the authority board; Michael Gehlert to the zoning hearing board and as vacancy board chair; Matthew Meck to the planning commission; Darryl Eberly to the park board; Amy Good to the UCC Board of Appeals; and Ephrata National Bank as township depository.

Reimbursements: Supervisors reapproved the reimbursements to the planning commission, park board, and zoning hearing board members for $45 per meeting attended in 2024.

Fees: Supervisors finalized the following fees for 2024: driveway permit, $65; highway occupancy, $125; application fee of $650 to speak before West Cocalico Township Zoning Hearing Board and the UCC Board of Appeals.

What’s next: Supervisors will meet again at 7 p.m. Jan. 16.

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